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Meet Our Growing AFHC Team

Aubrey Faatz

Owner/General Contractor

Mandy Causey Faatz


Management Team

Jonathan Yuricek

Office Manager 

Jonathan Yuricek is from upstate New York. He has worked In the food industry most of his life. He got his start at 16-years old in a New York deli. There he learned all aspects of the business and was given accounting duties early on and became the assistant manager by the time he was 17 years old. at 18 he graduated from the culinary Institute of America on the Dean’s list. He continued his quest for culinary excellence by working at pierces 1894 restaurant in Elmira Heights New York as a chefs apprentice. Soon after Jonathan decided to expand his expertise by studying abroad he attended Schiller international University in Engelberg, Switzerland. When returning to the states Jonathan fell in love with his Carolina native wife Danette. During this time he worked as food services Director at sea Trail and as the executive chef at Litchfield country club in Pawleys Island South Carolina. He soon moved his work to Atlanta as the executive chef for the Cooper hotel group which was there flagship hotel and training facility. in 2001 Jonathan and his wife moved back to Brunswick County where they were ready to start a family of their own. Jonathan landed at Twin Lakes Restaurant, taking over management and became the head chef. In 2015 Jonathan and Danette decide to take a step back from the demanding hours of the restaurant business to raise their family. They now have two teenage sons that attend NC State. Jonathan at that point went into the construction supply business where he learned a lot about supplies and demand. After several years getting familiar with the ins and outs of the supply side of things, we at AFHC and saw what an asset he could be and decided to BEG him to work for us! Just kidding! However, we did make him an offer to become a team member and we are so appreciative that he accepted. We hope he is a team member for years to come. We knew that his years in the food and beverage industry would only amplify our customer service and communications. Our only complaint is that Jonathan has worked all around the world and has cooked for many celebrities but somehow we cannot get him to cook for the office. 

Onsite Team 

We love building products for you

Beau Callison

Meet our longest surviving employee!

Beau Callison has actually subbed for Aubrey and Mandy on and off since 2008. Beau has since been a full time, faithful sub for the last 5 years. Originally from Philly, Beau is an animated character to say the least! He will keep you and the crew laughing when he is on site!  Beau has been married to his loving wife Amber for close to 17 years! He has two beautiful girls that are still in school here in Brunswick County and a son who is currently serving in the Navy. Throughout the years Beau has explored many careers from pest control, plumbing, and marine work. One thing is for sure, Beau is a hard worker and strives to give 100% on every job. We are so glad to have Beau as part of the team. He is currently going after his plumbing license so that we will have a in house plumber to better serve our area and make scheduling and job management more efficient! 

Steven Causey

Steven "Stevie" Causey has been with the home crafters team for 2 years. Stevie has worked the majority of his career in HVAC but switched to electrician work to better his future and his family's future. He is our in house residential electrician. Stevie has been married to his New Mexico native wife Jami for 16 years. They have two preteen boys, 11 & 12 and a beautiful 8 year old little girl. Stevie has become a very multifaceted worker  and we are so grateful to have him as part of our ever growing team.  

Allen Armistead

 Lead Carpenter 

We met Allen approximately 4 years ago. Allen was an up and coming carpenter, new the area, and in search of work. At first Allen seemed unsure about this "strange" employer dynamic of a husband and wife team, but soon learned that we all work really well together. With Allen's help we are able to make each customers dream becoming a reality. With the growing demand of our business Aubrey become "tools-off" and needed someone to keep up the high standards and quality of work. We are blessed to say that Allen has been a great craftsmen, and has been a major addition to our team! 

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